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My name is Jesús A. Rivas Frangos, I was born in Venezuela in 1993, I am an Administrator, Graphic Designer and University Professor.

Since my childhood I have experimented with different techniques and areas of the plastic arts, which has allowed me to participate in various exhibitions, my work has won national and international awards and recognitions.

Design is the communication of ideas and messages mainly with the use of visual elements, therefore psychology, symbols and creativity are essential pillars in the creation of a graphic piece.

Throughout my professional career I have stood out for the creation of unique proposals which stand out for their creativity and their impact on perception.

I like to help my clients to build their dreams and ideas, to achieve to materialize the world of the mind in something recognizable and impressive.

Being also an administrator I have an advantage when working with companies or clients who want to create a company, I know how they work, and I can provide solutions according to their needs.

The studies that I have carried out are diverse, from formal, informal and digital, some of the most outstanding being:


• Bachelor of Design Business Administration (Universidad Nueva Esparta) — 2015
• Postgraduate in Teacher Training (Universidad Nueva Esparta) — 2016
• Postgraduate Specialization in Planning, Development and Project Management (Universidad Monteávila) — 2021


• Printing and Sublimation Technology — 2013
• Sculpture with Specialization in Fantasy Art (Centro Art) — 2014
• Fashion Design: tailoring and sewing (Rosa del Mar) — 2018
• Painting and drawing – 2000 - 2010


• PHlearn (Photoshop, Editing, Retouching, Photography and more) — 2017 - 2019
• Udemy (Design, Photography, Administration, Marketing and Web Design) — 2020 - Present
• Domestika (Design, Photography) — 2019 - 2020

The awards that I have been honored to win

• Silver Medal in the Fine Art Special Effects mention (Tokyo International Photo Award) Japan — 2018

• Finalist and Mention Exhibition of "Yesterday I went and Today I am II" Caracas — 2011

• Silver Award at “The 40th International Children’s Art Exhibition” Japan — 2010

• 9 National and Intercollegiate Awards before 17 years old — 2002 - 2009

• More than 10 Exhibitions — 2002 - 2011

I have worked with clients from various parts of the world, mainly the United States, Spain and Venezuela, as a designer, photographer, teacher and consultant.

• Freelance Designer — 2014 - Present
• Editor and Photo Retoucher at Enrique Mancera — 2014 - Present
• Designer at Treetop Trade Marketing — 2015
• University Professor at the Universidad Nueva Esparta — 2015 - Present
• Teacher of the Children and Young Painters Workshop of El Cafetal — 2010 - 2016

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy

The graphic identity is the way in which a brand, company or person is presented to society and its visualization has to be according to its ideals. That is why the creation of Branding is a time-consuming job and must be done with a lot of conceptual weight. The objective is to achieve an attractive identity that is capable of transmitting the philosophy of my client and in this way can achieve the objectives that it has envisaged.

The first thing I do is create a brief to put my client's ideas into words. To make a branding, I do the following:

• Project Creation (Brief and Chart)
• Market study*
• Brand Research
• Creative Approach to the Brand
• Creation of Proposals
• Presentation of Proposals
• Identity Manual

* The level of the Market Study will be determined by the location of the client, for those who are in another country where I am, it would consist of: Determining the objectives according to the Brief; Data Collection (visual, movement, influence, concept) from Competitors; Target Idiosyncrasy Review; Review of the Target Public transferred; Analysis of the results.

A marketing campaign for social media begins with good project planning and ends with proper monitoring of indicators (KPIs).

Each brand has unique needs and therefore strategies and special planning must be created for each case. Social media is the fastest way to get real-time information from consumers, create conversations, and get really meaningful feedback. However, reaching the potential in social networks is a complicated task, due to the constant changes and public opinion.


How is planning successful? Through research, development and monitoring of the project.

The first thing I do is understand the brand, the environment that unfolds and measure the synergy with the public. This can create the right tactics and steps to achieve success.

The second step is to develop the plan, the behaviors (processes) that will begin to be applied must be clarified. Objectives in accordance with the philosophy of the brand; the message that you aspire to achieve; script and keywords; graphic elements; and the publishing system.

The third and most important is follow-up. This is where many campaigns fail and it comes as a surprise to everyone involved. Planning, no matter how perfect it may be, there will always be stumbling blocks and if constant control monitoring is not done, the project can lead to failure. It is for them that I create unique indicators for each client and proposal in order to be able to identify any inconvenience in time, understand if something went wrong and be able to correct it so that the project meets its objectives.

Web pages are a digital window that shows the world what the company is like. Design and operation are very important to achieve administrative objectives. A page must convey the character of the company or person, the philosophy and be consistent with the goals.

What I propose is the creative design and the user experience when visiting the page, for my clients it is very important to maintain originality and that is what I believe in, unique pages for their businesses.

Usually I only make the graphic proposal; but, I also offer the complete development of the project. In other words, I take care of the entire project and develop the creative and design part, the UX Design and the Programming are carried out by experts who have previously worked with me. In this way I can guarantee the client a quality final product and developed by a team of experts.

Illustration is present at all levels of design, which is why a good designer must be a good illustrator. It is a required skill.

Illustrations range from a web page, packaging, brochures, and any graphic piece you can imagine.


I generate two types of illustration:

  • Vecotiral illustration with cartoon style and loaded with textures to convey a tactile sensation.
  • Photographic illustration (called photobashing) in which photographs are used with the intervention of digital illustration.


And there are two functions or levels in which I develop graphic pieces:

  • Conceptual art
  • Final art

One of my graphic passions is photography. With it we can express emotions and credibility something that would be more difficult to achieve with another technique.

I am a specialist with several studies in photographic editing and montage.

The projects that excite me the most are those in which I have creative freedom, in which I can plan everything. This helps me to take my own photographs and to be able to make the necessary edits and montages to generate the work.

I also work with photographs of other photographers, doing any retouching, editing or development they need.

My best resource is my mind, ideas are constantly being born in it. One of my advantages is that I retain a lot of general knowledge information and that helps me to have greater cognitive flexibility (think outside the box). I will never be satisfied until I find the perfect idea for each client, the one that suits all their needs.

As a project manager I can lead and create projects, in turn my skills as a university professor are very useful to lead creative and design teams.

If you want me on your team, it's to create ambitious projects that break the mold. I like large and difficult campaigns to manage, I am looking for a challenge, and as a result I expect nothing less than a surprised face from everyone.

Project planning, monitoring, evaluation and management to ensure a complete business solution is implemented.

Ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and according to specifications.

Prepare and maintain detailed project plans and play a critical role in scoping, planning, and costing and pricing projects.

Manage project acceptance milestones with the client based on the SOW (Statement of Work) and take the initiative in solving all related issues.

Coordinate the establishment of a project environment that includes the preparation and maintenance of a role / responsibilities matrix, personnel plan, and resource scheduling for each project member.

Measure, monitor, evaluate and communicate project progress versus plan through project reports, including financial data reporting methodologies.

Organize status meetings and write Project status reports in compliance with the Project Management methodology.

I use of standard Project Management.

Manage customer expectations and satisfaction.

You already have a work team, but you feel that things are not going as they should. Designs fall behind, customers are not satisfied, there is no creative flow, the administrative part does not generate enough money.

Write me and I will help you with consultancies, as an administrator and designer I can review and adjust all the gears of your production chain.

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Let's Work Together!
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